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My sweet little boy made me breakfast in bed this morning. He disappeared into the kitchen and when he came back, he was bringing me a bowl of Trix! and he had 2 spoons in it so we could share. I just love him so much!!

starting on Christmas shopping

I have decided to start my Christmas shopping early. I am thinking of doing gift baskets so I am in desperate need of Philosophy body wash and lip shines. I would be willing to trade some of my Vera for it if you have anything I need.

Jul. 12th, 2009

I have come to realize that no matter how my kids and husband drive me totally insane at times...I would be completely and utterly useless without them. They are my world!

"A gift from God"

Yesterday me and the kids were cleaning up the yard and we noticed some Buttercups that are starting to come from out of the ground. We LOVE Buttercups! To us, they are like a sign that it is finally getting warm, a promise of Spring. Gavin, my 5 year old, asked me how they got there and I said that I had no idea because we didn't plant them.  Well, today I picked him up from pre-school and he told me that he figured out how they got there. He told me that they were a gift from God, because we worked so hard cleaning up the yard and he wanted to help us make it beautiful! Isn't that sweet?

Potato Soup and French Bread!

Today it is cold outside so I decided to make Potato Soup. I used Hash Browns instead of peeling and cutting up all those potatoes. It was so good. And so easy! I poured a whole bag of hash browns and garlic into a big pot, barely covered with water, and boiled them until they were tender. Mashed them up w/ a masher, added butter, milk and Velveeta!!! So gooey and yummy! I garnished it with bacon bits and shredded cheese and served with warm french bread!  What a snap! It's a hit....

Happy Birthday to me!

This morning I got up and took the puppy to the vet to be groomed, and then we were all gonna go get breakfast and go to Lowes. We did, but then Chris kept on driving and I wasn't sure where we were going. I asked a couple of times and he never said anything. At this point, I'm getting pissed cause I think he's pissed at me and I didn't know why. He pulls up to a car lot and told me to pick out a car for my B-day! I really thought he was kidding so I just sat there. I thought he was just really being a smart ass because he knows how bad I've been wanting a new car and since I thought he was mad this would have been the perfect way to really make me madder! It's kind of like taking a kid to toys r us and only letting them look. That's what he's done to me 3 times now. He actually was gonna surprise me on my B-day but I love everything and never it made it clear what color and options I wanted so he had to let me pick! How Sweet! I really figured he was just gonna get me another stupid CD and take me to Red Lobster! ( I still wanna go to Red Lobster!  LOL)

Put Off Today, What I Can Do Tomorrow :)

I definately need to take a class to get over my laziness! I just can't seem to focus this week. I know I need to buy groceries, pay bills, and do laundry, but I just can't seem to do it. Instead..... I watched Gidget (for the 1st time ever) this morning. I loved it! She's so cute!

so much fun...

I have spent way too much time online this morning! I found this website that lets you morph pictures of celebrities or your  friends together.  (I have created some very handsome men today)  here's the link, go have some fun! 

my cupcakes

Thanks to  LILANST  :) I was able to purchase these for my daughter. Thanks!! This really made her day! She can't wait to show them off at school tomorrow. I really love the pink!! It's BRIGHT!  Here's a pic of the lining so you all can see it close-up.


holy moly!

I just checked the completed listings on ebay to see how much people are giving for the spring 09 patterns, and a tote went for $101 and a small cosmetic went for $50! They were purple punch! I thought that not that many people would like it! That's crazy cause I wouldn't  even carry that until spring (when they are coming out) and you could get it for normal price!!! But maybe these people are Christmas shopping...